The Advantages Of Dog Walker And Dog Sitter Services In Roanoke VA

Dog Walker Services Roanoke VA

dog walking services roanoke va
Dog Walking Services in Roanoke VA

Walking your dog means that it will be a lot healthier, happier and satisfied. It is important to understand the crucial role that on lead and off lead walking plays in the development of your dog, for their overall well-being and happiness.

Exercise is vital for dogs and it will help them to keep near to their ideal weight and they will live longer (usually up to 2 years longer). Your lovely domestic dog evolved from the grey wolf over 15,000 years ago and must have social contact with other dogs and a good exercise routine.

These days a lot of domestic dogs spend time in small gardens that are fenced off and have very little contact with other dogs. A domestic dog is often very humanized and we expect them to be happy with only human contact.

This is unrealistic and your dog can be stressed if it has no or little contact with other dogs. It is also not acceptable that our busy schedules get in the way of exercising our dogs. They need to vent their pent up energy and meet other dogs otherwise bad behaviors can develop.

You do not want your dog to become unbalanced and this can happen if they are deprived of contact with other dogs and the right amount of exercise. Aggressive and destructive behaviors can occur if you do not take care of this.

Your dog needs three things to be happy and healthy (after good food and water of course) and they are exercise (walking and running), affection and discipline (knowing the rules, limitations and boundaries). Daily exercise is of significant importance to the physical and mental health of your dog.

Dog Walking Services Off Lead

A dog walker will take your dog for one or two walks a day assuming that your dog is healthy enough for this. You may wish to walk your dog at night while a dog walker will walk your dog in the mornings. It doesn’t matter which way you do it as long as your dog is getting the right amount of exercise.

If a dog is well disciplined then a dog walker will let your dog off of their lead when walking. The benefits of this are that your dog will burn off more energy and socialize with other dogs. They will also be able to perform tracking tasks and scent detection.

The scent tracking is very important for your dog as they have really strong senses in their noses. It gives them the opportunity to gain valuable information about other dogs that have been to the same park etc.

Dog Walking Services On Lead

If your dog is not suitable for off lead walks then the walker will keep them on lead. There are various reasons for this such as your dog’s behavior off lead and your dog’s age. This on lead walking still has a number of benefits but is not as good as off lead walking.

Your dog will still burn pent up energy and they will be able to socialize with the other dogs around them as well. They will be able to track scents by smelling and sniffing the ground. The walker will also provide some positive correction so that future off lead walking is possible.

If you are unable to provide your dog with the exercise that they need then using dog walker services in Roanoke VA makes a lot of sense. It is just not fair to confine them to the back yard as they will not be getting the exercise and social contact that they need.

Home Dog Sitting Services in Roanoke VA

With a professional dog sitting service your dog is at their home and will be comfortable with their familiar surroundings such as smells, sights and sounds. They will also have their usual diet and play routines.

Your dog may not like traveling in your car to dog daycares in Roanoke VA and could become traumatized by this. There is the possibility too that your dog will not get on well with other animals and there is a risk of fleas, other parasites and diseases.

If the dog sitter comes to your home then your dog is not at risk of fighting with other dogs and they will not have any reason to feel aggressive. Your dog will also be less stressed at home and will not suffer from diarrhea or anxiety.

Some dog daycares are cold and lonely environments and your dog will feel very uncomfortable with this. There are some places that let the dogs go to the bathroom wherever they want and this can then lead to similar behavior in your home.

You will save gas on transporting your dog to a daycare and it will save you time too by letting us visit your home and sit with your dog. There is no stress on your part getting ready to take your dog to a daycare, and if you are unable to take your dog then you won’t have to impose on a neighbor or friend to do this.

When one of our dog sitters are in your home, your property will be protected as well as there will not be an “empty home” opportunity for criminals. By using our professional dog sitters you can return home whenever you want and be safe in the knowledge that your dog has been well cared for.

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